Laurel Prussing leads with integrity and courage. From defending Urbana taxpayers in Carle’s lawsuit against the City to working to keep the Police Training Institute at the University of Illinois, Prussing never buckles to intimidation when she’s fighting for the public interest.

         Esther Patt, former Urbana City Council Member

Mayor Prussing is honest, fair, compassionate and fiscally responsible. My family and I support her re-election because we trust her as the best person to lead Urbana.

         Phyllis Clark, Urbana City Clerk

Despite the recession, the loss of hospital property taxes and a lack of a state budget, Laurel Prussing’s honest, effective leadership, financial skills and willingness to tackle tough problems have kept Urbana moving forward. She initiated strategic budget cuts and new sources of revenue while holding the line on the city’s portion of the total property tax rate.

         Charlie Smyth, Ward 1 Urbana City Council Member

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