April 9th General Election for Mayor

Dear Urbana Voter,

People from all neighborhoods tell me they like Urbana's progress over the past eight years. I have kept my 2005 promise to "create an atmosphere of respect for people and for the democratic process." To keep Urbana moving forward I need your vote on April 9th.

Honest, Effective Government

We have an excellent working relationship between the Mayor and the City Council, vastly improved relations with employees and a high level of public involvement. If you attend council meetings or watch on TV or the city web site you see that we may have differing views but we treat each other and members of the public with respect. We take time to study the pros and cons before figuring out how to balance competing views.

Here are some issues we have tackled for you:

If you care about this little gem of a city, Urbana, please vote in the election on April 9th. Each vote is critical in a city election. I would very much appreciate yours.

Laurel Prussing