Top 10 Reasons to Re-Elect Laurel Prussing Mayor on February 28:

  1. Prussing led Urbana through a recession and loss of hospitals tax revenue without cutting services or raising the city’s share of property taxes.
  2. The City got back the $1 million loan it used to leverage private investment in fixing the Landmark Hotel downtown instead of paying hundreds of thousands of public dollars to demolish it.
  3. One hundred fifteen new businesses opened in Urbana in the last 4 years and a new development was just approved for Main and Race including another restaurant and bar in downtown’s center.
  4. Thanks to Prussing’s excellent financial skills, the city maintained its commitment to more than $300,000 of funding for social service agencies, hired a statistician to help study racial disparity in traffic stops and is hiring two more police officers to address the sudden spike in violent crime.
  5. Urbana won Sierra Club’s “Cool Cities” award.
  6. Prussing led the city council in re-affirming Urbana as a Sanctuary City.
  7. Laurel Prussing doesn’t take money from developers who want the City to relax the development regulations that protect single family neighborhoods.
  8. When Carle Hospital sued Urbana, Prussing fought back to lower our property taxes and won at the appellate court.
  9. Republicans are voting in the Democratic primary. Shouldn’t you?
  10. With Trump in the White House, we need to keep progressive Democratic leaders in local office.